About Us

Our Vision

This is our great initiative as a way to press forward for progress as we identify and see the great need for steady and sustained growth of the travel and tourism sector in Solomon Islands.

As media personals we are equally responsible to published and take tourism to the next level through main stream media  

Our vision is, through our stories, we will be making our shores more accessible, making our local tourist destinations more attractive to travelers and making our local people aware of the importance and requirement of growth of tourism in Solomon Islands.

We hope our initiative will help our citizen take more protection and open our shores for little tourism ideas and contribution as a nation  

Our goals

Our goal is to develop the voices of our indigenous citizens, their achievement, bring them to our readers to help promote their efforts that support and develop our   tourism sector in Solomon Islands   

In working towards this mission we are committed to a way of working together that recognizes our place in the country.

Our Mission

To build the capacity of our existence to actively participate in the downstream processing – an aspiration that reflects our role in helping and publishing our local  stories   and help other related organizations achieve their goal of increasing and improving sharing and informing everyone about  tourism in Solomon Islands

Furthermore our missions has always been to provide with trusted media platform with the means to reach our diverse nationwide audience

We accept challenges and always creative to find options to deal with our operation, allow growth as a media outlet to cover area that needs attention.

Behind Tourism Media Solomon Islands    

We’re been proud to have a local woman initiator who ventured into the media industry since 2009 and through her vision, mission and dreams continue to make things happen and inclination to seriously assist women and be part of the business world.

It all started with Lynda Wate Seni. 

Lynda Wate Seni started the 1st weekly Sunday Newspaper in 2009, later she published a weekly sports paper in 2011.

She did not stop from there but moved on and published the 1st women weekly newspaper in 2015. In 2017 she created 2 separate news online site for Tourism and Environmental focus and finally established Solomon classified in 2021. 

The company established purposely to operate newspaper, magazines & online news and advertising platforms

Lynda Wate Seni awarded as 2016 Business Woman of the Year Award (SICCi) and 2016 SIWIBA Business Achiever Award

What makes us different?

What makes us unique is our extraordinary team of individuals, who believe and have the drive with the right intention to allow the voice of our people to   be heard.

Every day we put our passion, dedication and expertise into taking care of our readers and clients.

We love what we do and we motivated to deliver an outstanding service

Our values

We share the same values which makes our team stronger 

We care, we work with purpose, we challenge ourselves, we believe in creativity and innovation and we respect ourselves and those around us especially our valuable readers, sources and clients 

Why choose us?

When you buy local, you support local

So every wantok   when it comes to advertising and promotion call us now and do your early bookings.

Our friendly sales team are on alert to give you the best deal around

Be part of the us and we’ll do the rest