Community-Based Tourism, The Best Option: Guadalcanal Tourism Desk

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COMMUNITY-Based Tourism is the best tourism product for the people of Guadalcanal province to progress.

The idea was highlighted by provincial Tourism officer Jacinta Koli Vagha during an interview with Isles media at the Guadalcanal province Headquarters recently.  The concept she said, is part of a 10 years Tourism development plan for the province.

Guadalcanal Provincial Tourism Officer, Jacinta Koli Vagha.

She pointed out, Community Tourism means people in a particular community continue with their normal daily routines while visitors live with them and experience life in the community.

“If a community wants to involve in tourism, that community have to see us, so that we can open up that community as a tourism destination.” She said.

She made an example of the weaving community of Kolosulu in the inner part of Northeast Guadalcanal, where villagers used bush vines to weave and produce baskets and food trays unique to that part of the Island. Kolosulu people are also hunters and gatherers, as well as semi-subsistence farmers, who also utilise traditional knowledge herbal remedies to prevent and cure ailments.

Ms Koli Vagha also mentioned cultural people in the Makaruka area of east Guadalcanal, whose daily lifestyle contributes to the preservation of traditional dress code, grass skirt and kabilato.

“At Makaruka people still use traditional clothing,” she said.

Another example she pointed out is the seaside community of Lambi and others within west Guadalcanal with potential surfing sites. In those communities, visitors can spend quality time with villagers while enjoying surfing.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism reported west Guadalcanal tourism operators “attended a tourism COVID-19 extra Care measures and standards training in Honiara on June 2021.”

“The important thing is for you and your businesses to give confidence to your visitors when the borders will open and they return to your places.” MCT press quoted Tourism Director Barney Sivoro at the training.

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