Homestay Tourism – A Dream Alternative for Derick Goroiasi

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HOMESTAY tourism in the Solomon Islands is gaining popularity due to its unique experience, income, and natural attractions, making it a dream alternative for locals.

One such island resident who has embraced this opportunity is Derick Goroiasi, a primary school teacher from Anuta Island in the Makira/Ulawa province of the country. Growing up on the island, he has always been fascinated by its breathtaking landscapes. However, due to limited land resources, a growing population, and the need for alternative income sources, he decided to establish a homestay accommodation on the island.

Tourism homestay accommodation on Anuta Island in the Makira/Ulawa province.

“Being on a small island where there is land scarcity for agricultural practices, tourism is the only alternative.

“My dream is to establish and promote a tourism homestay business on Anuta Island. I believe it is a win-win situation for both tourists seeking real rural experiences and me looking for alternative sources of income.

“It also enhances the rural livelihood on the island rather than just an income-generating business,” Derick told TOURISM MEDIA.

Derick wears many hats as a teacher and an aspiring entrepreneur, striking a balance between his commitment to advancing education and his promotion of tourism in Anuta Island and the Makira/Ulawa Province.

Making this dream come true, though, was no simple task. Derick faced many difficulties, but one major obstacle was a lack of funding. Unfazed, he labored nonstop for almost three years to obtain the required resources and assistance while negotiating the challenges of organizing and constructing the homestay.

Palm leaf hut on the beachfront on Anuta Island in the Makira/Ulawa province.

“The lack of funding was one of the main obstacles,” Derick admitted. “Starting something like this required not only passion but also financial backing, which was hard to come by.”

Despite these challenges, Derick’s drive paid off, turning his simple beginnings into a real-life accomplishment.

“There is still lots of work yet to be done, but for now, I am really happy my long-time dream has come true,” he said with a smile.

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