Inspiring Journey of Young Chef, Cairns Malele

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“It’s like we are living in a world without any hope, to me it’s like a dream comes true.”

Being one of only a few Solomon Islanders who chose a career in Commercial Cookery and eventually become a Chef, Cairns Malele shares his testimony and life story which he termed as ‘His dreams come true.’

Cairns, 31, grow up in a broken home where he had to witness his parent’s unstable relationship and eventually their separation. That is a period in his life where he said, is like life was doomed without any hope at all.

But it is that period in his life that has taught invaluable lessons about life, a life which now has become more like a ‘survival of the fittest’ for him. He understands very earlier on that he cannot depend on others to feed or provide for him but he has to fend for himself for survival. This is how the story begins.



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