Joyce Konofilia Says Tourism is a Gold Mine in Western Province

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TOURISM Consultant Joyce Konofilia says tourism in the Western region of the Solomon Islands is a gold mine waiting to be harvested during the Western Province Second Appointed Day Celebrations in Honiara.

Joyce Konofilia noted that the people of Western Province must realize the potential of their tourism sector and the contribution it has to the country’s GDP and overall economy.

“We need to rise up; we need to take the opportunity and utilize our resources and infrastructure, such as the new airport in Munda, through marketing, traditional entertainment, and a lot more.

“Tourism in the Western Province is a gold mine waiting to be harvested.

“We have the best environment, clean beaches, beautiful islands, and the best diving spots. We are ranked 2nd in the world for diving, and we have unique and exotic cultures. We are a country of our own.

“Western Province is a leader amongst other provinces in the country. It is taking the lead in a lot of things in this country; Western Province contributes to the highest GDP in the country’s economy,” the tourism consultant said in her remarks at the official celebration to mark Western Province’s Second Appointed Day held at Panatina village, east of Honiara.

Konofilia expresses her gratitude to the people of Western Province for allowing their land and resources to be used for tourism investment.

“I respect the good people of Western Province for allowing the land and resources for investment in terms of tourism.

“However, this investment will be meaningless if it does not benefit the local people of Western Province,” she highlighted.

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