Meet Tommy and Stewart, Solomon Islands Young Tattoo Artists

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BASED in East Kola, Green Valley in East Honiara’s outskirts, the upcoming young artists and tattooists, Tommy Myles Numomalo, 31, from Temotu part Malaita provinces and his cousin Stewart Simon, 30 have already made daily earnings from more than 10 clients per day.

Tattoos are commonly branded for many wrong reasons, but for both artists, it’s a different story. Tommy and Stewart have been drawing since they were six years old – starting from their early exploration in the world of artwork had driven them to become the tattooists they are today.

Being self-employed, both artists are currently providing daily tattooing service to clients at their small local tattoo studio in East Honiara called ‘BROZ TATTOO STUDIO’. However, despite challenging times ahead both lads are on a mission to become successful entrepreneurs in this art of work – after all they are now visioning, and planning to setup a professional ‘Tattoo Parlor (studio)’.

Numomalo and Simon’s current local Tattoo Parlor, the ‘BROZ TATTOO STUDIO’. PHOTOS SUPPLIED

Tommy Myles Numomalo in recalling their talent in artwork discovered said it all started years back with a ‘stick-man’ drawing on a piece of paper.

As school days usually took the best of times, it was during holiday breaks that Mr Numomalo and Simon usually spend much time together creating and discovering new artworks.

Their talent and passion led them to ‘Library’ purposely to borrow art books and spending whole days researching historical books of well-known artists around the world.

Stewart Simon tattooing a client. PHOTOS SUPPLIED

“It all started with a stick-man drawing. From drawing a stick man we started to improve along the way by learning basics of the human form. We started from using pencil sketch and all sorts of colours, including trying to master the six main colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The 6 basic colours consist of secondary and primary colours,” said Numomalo.

Mr Numomalo personally admit that ever since they started developing their interests in art drawing and tattooing, the curiosity developed had had a negative impact towards their concentration in academic learning.

“This is because most times throughout school days, we would just spend it at home drawing. We did artwork through whole days, through night times reaching mornings. As kids back then, the school books and house walls were full with drawings,” said Numomalo.

“Our usual interest in artwork became a discovered talent naturally given from the ‘Lord God Almighty’. So that is how our experiences started getting us involved in what we love doing today. During at Secondary school level, we had already started exploring into T-shirt printing involving ‘dye lavalava’ and art and craft.”

Through the years rolling striving for quality work in tattoo drawing, Myles Numomalo said a lot of difficulties and challenges have also been experienced along the way. The main challenge faced for a while was not having quality tattoo tools to work with.


 “Previously not having enough quality tools to work with or a proper tattoo kit had caused hiccup for our work on which most of the current tools we have are just collections from friends,” said Numomalo.

“Not until 2011, I just had my first ever original tattoo machine that has really improved our tattooing skills on which we have been working to improve more and more to this day to provide the best quality tattooing.”

In terms of earnings, Mr Numomalo said with the existing small local tattoo studio they have setup at East Kola, Green Valley area, they can usually earn up to more than $1,000.00 per day.

“With our small earnings is what supports us through our daily living as we are working to achieve our aim and dream to be successful future entrepreneurs in the art of ‘tattoo’,” said Numomalo.

“We hope that with being able to afford quality tools in the future we will be able to improve our tattoo skills so that the whole country will recognise the potential that we have.”

To young rising talented tattoo artists throughout the country who dream of setting up a tattoo parlor in the future to venture into the business of tattooing, Myles Numomalo encourages them to do so in exploring and maintaining the beauty of artwork.

Inside Numomalo and Simon’s current local Tattoo Parlor, the ‘BROZ TATTOO STUDIO’. PHOTOS SUPPLIED

“Make use of your talent and do not stop with it as practice results in perfect art. It is all about creativity and practice. In order for you to improve you must have patience and to become a good tattoo artist you must learn all the styles of art starting from a pencil sketch, including understanding how to use colours and the hardest and last part, finishing up,” said Myles.

“Do not give up when facing challenges, always seek help. I am someone who is always asking questions to other tattooists too on which at times they are fed up with such, but this is how to become the best.

“If you are still unemployed but have this special blessed talent with you, you can still earn income from this talent as well to support you.”

Tattoo Portrait by Mr Numomalo and Simon. PHOTOS SUPPLIED

Located at East Kola, Green Valley, Solomon Islands Water Authority (SIWA) area, try checking in at ‘BROZ TATTOO STUDIO’ if you are interested in getting tattooed with a portrait or any design desired. Surely, you will not be disappointed with Mr Numomalo and Simon’s artwork display.




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