Mission Complete, Thank You Da’Ville

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A statement by DMP after the Da’Ville’s successful ‘Love & Reggae’ tour to the Solomons

Below is the full statement.

“Mission Complete!! We want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who attended the ‘Da’Ville Show’ on Friday Night! A lot of you might not know that behind the scenes, hours of work, and many sleepless nights were sacrificed to make this show happen and we would like to show our appreciation & acknowledgement to everyone involved for making this happen!

“First on the list is ‘Da’Ville’, thank you for gracing our shores once again and putting on an epic performance.

“The genuine love you’ve shown us personally and to the nation of the Solomon Islands in the last few years will never be forgotten. Your professionalism and respect towards our people and especially our fellow musicians is a testament to your character and your a true inspiration to us all.

“Performing on that stage with the band ‘Flypsyddazz’ was history in itself, you believed in these boys by allowing them to share the stage with you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity presented to them!

“One of the key figures for putting this whole thing together was our brother Casper Luiramo aka Toon from the Flypsyddazz Band! We reached out to ‘Toon’ back in November and he was very Instrumental for us on the ground from attending meetings, organising the sound crew, to rehearsing day and night with the band + sourcing out the sound used on the night provided courtesy of the ‘Ministry of Culture & Tourism Solomon Islands.! We truly thank you for going above and beyond for us. You played a significant part of this whole show and we respect you so much for going out of your way for us!

“Now to the Flypsyddazz Band! We are so extremely proud of you guys words can’t even describe it, Casper Luiramo aka Toon (Keyboard), Pheatz Lipi (Drums), Dada Blank (Bass), Revie (Keyboard), Hens (Lead Guitarist), Tessh So (Back Up Vocalist – Flight Mode), Stoney B (Back Up Vocalist – Flight Mode) Thank you each and every one of you so much for stepping up and executing a world-class performance, you were the highlight of the show!

“We would like to thank our band ‘DA GUEST BAND’ for holding it down and performing with us, we are family and truly honoured to share the stage with you every single time. Shout out to Paeva from Big Wave Productions on the Keys, Steven Kofela (Bass Guitar), Naythan Roffin (Lead Guitar), Tuza (Keyboard) & Mickey Frutz (Drums).

“Now to the main man, our brother & heartbeat of the entire show ‘the legendary ‘Dj Liamz’! You are the hardest-working man in the game and we appreciate your time and patience in making the sounds perfect every single time you are behind that mixing desk! You are the best in the country and we can’t thank you enough for making sure every artist on stage sounded perfect. You’re a genius in your craft and we are so grateful to have you in our team!

“To all the local support artists who performed, Stegga, Ghemu, Sisiva, Young Davie, Blad P2A, BIBAO, DJ Tanz & The Pirates Dance Crew thank you for being a part of this show, you all played your part and we couldn’t have done this without you guys!

“Thank you to our special guest host for the evening the super talented ‘Tom Tom’ aka Neymarlyn from ZFM 99.5- you definitely brought the vibe with your unique personality & style and you made the night memorable for everyone in attendance. Your professionalism and the way you carry yourself on stage haven’t gone unnoticed and we thank you for being a part of the show.

“We would like to thank the venue ‘Coral Sea Resort & Casino’ for hosting the show and allowing us to put this show on in the first place. Thank you to all the staff, security team, managers and owners working around the clock from setting up the stage, lights, accommodating ‘Da’Ville’ at their beautiful establishment but mainly for all the hours put into making this event happen. Thank you very much for working alongside us to make this event a successful one! Big shout out to resort manager ‘Trent Allen’ for believing in our event and who worked extremely hard in getting this show over the line and making sure everything went smoothly from the moment ‘Da’Ville’ arrived in Honiara.

“Special shout out to Esther Turanga & Mi Allohmahn for running all over town for us at all hours of the night to help us with the show, also bless up to ‘Shelton Pio’ from Fast Link for the wristbands used at the show and for organising our trip to ‘Double Island’ to film one of two music videos with ‘Da’Ville.

“Now last but not least, the backbone of this whole tour and the key factor of making this ‘Love & Reggae’ tour a success… The Sponsors!!

“I’m no particular order we would like to thank Jenny Lobo and the whole entire staff at ‘Solomon Airlines’ for sponsoring not only this event but for everything you have supported us in regarding DMP throughout the year, you guys believed in our vision from the very beginning and have helped us to achieve the impossible from allowing us to film our music videos on your plane (Long Way Home Video – Coming Soon), Flights for our trips abroad and supporting our movements moving forward! We are extremely blessed to have the National Airline of our country support and sponsor us in our musical journey. You guys are very instrumental in making our dreams become a reality. We appreciate you Jenny for also helping us secure Solomon Tourism – (Visit Solomon Islands) as a sponsor for the tour and in our trip to Western Province- Da’Ville had an amazing experience in the islands and we thank you for making it happen.

“Next on the list is Viv Wickham from Solomon Breweries! Viv thank you for bringing ‘Solbrew’ on board and working behind the scenes with us to make this show & overall tour possible. You single-handedly helped us secure the venue, you shared your experience and expertise with us and guided us along the way to make the show a success. Thank you ‘Solbrew’ staff on the ground at each event of ‘Love & Reggae’. We appreciate you Viv and thank you!

“Another main sponsor we need to thank for the ‘Love & Reggae’ tour is Paoa FM & Solomon Star News, Big thank you to Joel Samuel (Paoa FM Manager), Marcio Aumanu (Announcer), Nilani Grouse (Announcer), Lovelyn Iro (Announcer), Mary Manelegua (Journalist), Aidan Saeni (Paoa FM Photographer) and our family Nixxi & Metro for holding it down for us each and every time. Your contribution to the music scene in the Solomon’s especially to our fellow artists doesn’t go unnoticed, thankyou for supporting us on this show and we appreciate the help u gave us to promote this show.

“Last but not least Jay Quitalig Liofasi at ‘Print Wise – Advertising Agency’ thank you for providing all our printing needs from Tickets to Posters, VIP Lanyards, Banners & T-Shirts, from designing the artwork to the final product we really appreciate you guys and the team at Print Wise for sponsoring the event and showing us support.

“If you have made it this far and reading this post right now then thank you for your time and hope to see you all next year for ‘Love & Reggae 2023’.


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