Challenges Faced As A Result Of the Pandemic – A New Learning Curve

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Tucked away on Marapa Island in Marau Sound at the far eastern end of Guadalcanal Island, Milkfish Bungalows consist of 2 ensuite bungalows which can accommodate four people each.

According to owner and Tourism entrepreneur, Mrs. Emele Aike, with the preservation of the pristine environment in mind, the bungalows were built with local and sustainable materials.

“Through community involvement and participation, we embarked on building eco-friendly bungalows to offer visitors a taste of what the islands offer,” She said.

With mounting challenges faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrs. Aike said the situation has provided her a new learning curve.

“We are a totally new entity and the situation has provided for me a learning curve, operating with the challenges faced as a result of the pandemic.

“Our biggest challenge was arrivals – no overseas guests although there were trickles of local visitors.

“So shifted this covid rate onto the Iumi Together Holidays arrangements with Solomon Airlines Ltd.

“The covid rate special package was basically established as a promotion tool and at the same time an opportunity to at least remunerate our hard-working staff,” Mrs. Aike said.

She further added that recently, they have seen slight increases in local guests arriving for short holidays or work-related engagements.

“The Iumi Together holidays is also helping and we can only hope that arrivals will continue to increase,” Mrs. Aike expressed.

Milkfish Bungalows is only twenty-five (25) minutes flight from Honiara and under the Iumi Together Holiday arrangements it is among the cheapest holiday destinations in the country.

According to Mrs. Aike, their location has the potential for cruise arrangements as they have in the recent past hosted two cruise vessels from Australia basically for their Sandy Island excursion attraction.

Milkfish Bungalows is a spectacular destination for anniversary celebrations and honeymooners and a place where families will want to experience.

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