Dr. Aqorau Suggests Limited Travel Bubble

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DR Transform Aqorau has suggested that Solomon Islands should start pursuing and negotiating a limited travel bubble with Pacific Islands countries, especially with those north of the country.

He made the statement in an interview with Tourism Media Solomon Islands via email.

Speaking on the issue of future of tourism and economy of Solomon Islands, Dr Transform said the country should develop a Pacific Islands producers block as a trading platform.

“I think we should develop a Pacific Islands producers block as a trading platform for the Pacific Islands countries,” he suggested.

“Also, it is time to start negotiating a limited travel bubble,” Dr Transform added.

“We had that opportunity before we got the first case of covid 19 and should have pursued it for travel, but we can still restart the airline connections with the countries north of us for our root crops.”

It’s understood a potential travel bubble was also mentioned by the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison last month.

If it eventuates, Solomon Islands along with other Pacific Island nations like Vanuatu, Tonga and Fiji will benefit as far as Tourism and Economy is concerned.

Australia and New Zealand recently created an agreement allowing travelers to Australia without going into mandatory quarantine.

Early this year, the Australian Government suspended the travel arrangements after New Zealand recorded its first case in the community in two months.

However, the suspension has been lifted in late January, allowing quarantine-free travel to resume.

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