Historical Sites in Central Island Province Out of Bound for Public

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TULAGHI ‘historical sites’ are out of bound for any form of abusive use by members of the public.

Central Islands Province (CIP) Tourism Division issued this notice for the general public as it has come to their notice that some people are using the sites for wrong purposes.

Assistant Tourism Officer for CIP’s Tourism Division Mr Justin Vasuni speaking to Tourism Media said due to some complaints received from their historical site contractors about the misuse of the sites, is why they issued the notice to inform them that what people are doing is not right.

These are misuses such as littering of rubbish, throwing of human waste and digging for topsoil at the sites.

Mr Vasuni said there is no penalty for such yet at the moment if people are caught disrespecting the sites as the only thing they can do is inform the public to respect and have ownership to the historical sites because they are of great value to the country’s history, more especially CIP.

“Notice to the general public, Tulaghi historical sites are out of bound for any form of abusive uses by anyone,” issued CIP’s Tourism Division.

“It is noticed that some people use these sites for wrong purposes.

“The Central Islands Province Tourism Division highly forbids such practices to occur at all historical sites within Tulaghi Island. Please respect our historical sites.

“Thank you very much for your understanding.”

It is understood that the sites are up for cleaning and maintenance at this present getting ready for the July reopening of borders, and plans that are underway for a cruise to be done in August by Guadalcanal Travel Services (GTS) with support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This includes Tourism Solomons, Solomon Airlines and other sectors including the CIP Tourism Division.

Historical sites at Tulaghi mainly consist of colonial remains and World War relics.

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