Johnny Buad – Back With Flame

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‘Keeper’ Album to Drop Early under Flame Boy International Records



Coming from a background of music fanatics, Johnson Luiramo aka Johnny Buad have had the interest for music since his early years.

However, he officially stepped into the Solomon Islands music scene back in 2008 with the then popular, 56 Hop Rod band.

The band began releasing a few hit song but shortly thereafter, commitments attributing to education, work and family forced the boys to part ways but with a promise to reunite again in the near future.

After a brief absences from the music scene, Buad is back in the forefront with a brand new record label, ‘Flame Boy International Records’ featuring the original George Kuper aka Sio of Onetox and a few upcoming street talents.

Drawing inspiration and support from all over, Buad pointed out in an exclusive interview with ISLES MEDIA that ‘Flame boy Records’ is looking to push and explore boundaries of Solomon music further – showcasing and recognising talents so raw and unique from the streets of Honiara City.

“It’s more like a brother’s movement recognising raw talented youths from the streets.

“We affiliate with few big names in Honiara, the likes of Casper Junior aka Toony, DJ Liams, DJ SON of Shefram, Baka Solomon and Ruffneck of OffMonk records,” He said.

Currently, Buad is promising an album of straight fire called ‘Keeper’ to be dropped later this year, an album which concentrates on a blend of reggaeton, hip hop and soul reggae.

So far he has release 2 songs from the album, ‘Ganja Warrior’ released late last year and another one just recently, ‘Everyday Summer’ featuring Kazin – release with a music video just weeks ago.

Buad in his newly released single, Ganja Warrior.

“Ganja Warrior is a song basically about our lifestyle and living – about the daily hustle by the youths.

“Meanwhile, about the recently released song, ‘Everyday Summer’ featuring Kazin, it’s about our country Solomon Islands, our daily activities and life – like, every day feels like a summer for us.

Buad encourages youths facing difficulty in life to release their stress and worry in music. He emphasised pointing out that, Music is unifying – unifying through love especially for the love for music.

“Music heals, pour yourself in your lyrics, you can talk about anything that you want to talk about – there are few talented youth out there in the streets, Flame Boy Records is here, come let us make music and be healed,” Johnny Buad urged.

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