Local Florist Demands Recognition of Artisans to Boost Tourism and Economy

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A local florist from Makita/Ulawa province has called for greater recognition of local artists as a driving force for boosting tourism, stimulating the economy, and promoting the cultural identity of the community.

In an interview with TOURISM MEDIA, Movin Toto highlighted the important contribution that local artists make to the diverse and unique character of the Solomon Islands.

“Our country is home to a wealth of talented artists who play a vital role in shaping our cultural landscape and attracting visitors to our shores,” the local florist said.

Toto stressed the role that artists play in driving tourism, with their paintings, carvings, traditional music, and performances attracting both local and international visitors from near and far.

“Local artists are the heart and soul of our community, and their work is a powerful tool for promoting our country and boosting our economy,” he said.

Toto urged the political parties and candidates vying for this year’s 2024 joint election on April 17 to come together to support and champion the arts in the country.

“There is an urgent need for government intervention to support local artists. Toto underscored that such support is crucial not only for the individuals involved but for the nation as a whole.

“There is also immense potential for Solomon Islands’ artists to showcase their talent to the world and generate income, provided they receive the necessary backing from the government.

“The Solomon Islands government can boost the tourism industry and economy by promoting the local art scene. Engaging with local artists and providing resources for showcasing their work can harness the full potential of the artistic community. This will create a thriving cultural landscape that benefits both artists and the country, promoting economic prosperity and cultural enrichment,” he added.

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