Marau’s Coral Sound Retreat Center, a Place of Resilience amid Adversity

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CORAL Sound Retreat Center, established in 2017 by local community leader Charles Rouikera, is a peaceful retreat settled in the Solomon Islands Marau Sound, at the eastern end of Guadalcanal.

Local community leader and owner of Coral Sound Retreat Center, Charles Rouikera. Photo credit @ DANZO Fotografi

“Actually, Coral Sound Retreat Center was located in the heart of Marau Sound. Coral Sound was a family-owned tourism business that was established way back in 2017 by Charles Rouikera.

”We partnered with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources for 5 years to provide venues and accommodation for their trainings scheduled for the east Guadalcanal region,” Brandon Kakate, a close relative of Charles Rouikera told TOURISM MEDIA.

According to Kakate, this partnership demonstrated Coral Sound’s commitment to community development and emphasized its vital role in supporting educational initiatives.

He said Coral Sound, like many other businesses in the country, was put to the test to the fullest during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The entire structure of the retreat center was in jeopardy due to the economic turmoil and practical difficulties.

“The business survived the storm nevertheless, thanks to Charles Rouikera and his family’s persistent resolve. They overcame the turbulent seas of uncertainty by working together, and they came out stronger than before,” he added.

He said the wide range of options Coral Sound has to offer is a major attraction.

Seafront view from Coral Sound Retreat Center in Marau Sound lagoon, eastern end of Guadalcanal. Photo credit @ DANZO Fotografi

“Apart from providing comfortable bungalows and meeting rooms, the retreat center crafts immersive experiences that showcase Marau Sound’s natural beauties.

“The Marau Islands’ hidden treasures can be found on hikes around the island, and snorkeling excursions let guests see vibrant underwater ecosystems. Bush hiking offers exhilarating experiences in the middle of gorgeous surroundings for those with an adventurous spirit,” Kakate said.

Access to Tavanipupu Island Resort, a renowned site that has housed royalty in the past, is one of Coral Sound’s distinctive features, according to Kakate.

“Visitors are allowed access to the royal residence, a privilege that dates back to the visit of Prince William and Duchess Kate in 2012.

“The Coral Sound experience is enhanced by this exclusive access, which leaves lasting impressions that last long after departure.

Coral Sound Retreat Center’s beachfront Bangalow. Photo credit @ DANZO Fotografi

“Coral Sound Retreat Center is a center for NGO trainings and events in addition to recreational activities. Its serene environs, where ideas bloom and collaborations grow, provide solace to organizations like Oxfam, YECSI, and World Vision.

“The retreat center’s dedication to organizing these kinds of gatherings highlights its larger goal of encouraging empowerment and community involvement,” he added.

He said the family management structure of Coral Sound has its roots in Marau Sound’s Wahere Village, is the key to the tourism business’s success.

“Generations of local expertise and custom have filled the tourism business with a spirit of warmth and friendliness that fills all parts of its operations, including client interactions,” he said.

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