Tourism a Potential Economic Driver that Lacks Political Will: Tausinga

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MEMBER of Parliament for West New Georgia Vonavona Hon Silas Tausinga says the tourism sector remains one of the largest potential driver of our economy.

However, the MP for West New Georgia Vonavona said unfortunately there is no political will and commitment to make our dreams become reality.

He said although there might be sound government policies the political will to drive its implementation is lacking.

“I firmly believe the potential in tourism Western province and other provinces can offer to the outside world is yet to be fully recognised.

With the right policies, commitment and financial support, the tourism sector can reach new heights,” he said.

Hon Tausinga highlighted during the inauguration of the ‘Lagoon Splash’ canoe race in Munda, Western Province on Saturday.

The Lagoon Splash was hosted and initiated by the Castaway Resort in Munda.

Recently organised Canoe race event. 📷OPMC PRESS

Hon Tausinga also stressed that he is encouraged that with the new international airport terminal in Munda soon to be reopened, there will be an influx of international visitors to Western province soon.

He said Western province is always known as the ‘tourism hub’ of Solomon Islands.

But he said the aim should be focused on reaching new heights and to be amongst one of the best tourism destinations in the region.

“I would like to acknowledge the Solomon Airlines, Tourism Solomon’s, tourism stakeholders, tourism operators and our people
for always leading by example to promote our beautiful islands,” he said.

Winners during the Lagoon Splash event. 📸 OPMC PRESS

Hon Tausinga said Lagoon Splash is an event that marks another milestone in promoting tourism in Munda and Western province.

“I understand this is its inauguration and as the old saying goes every great journey begins with a single step.

I believe 10 years from now Lagoon Splash will be an event that will boost tourism, marketing and promotion of our tourism industry here in Munda and surrounding communities,” he said.


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