Tourism COVID-19 Extra Care training extended to Western and Isabel Province.

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Tourism Division, Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) conducted the Tourism COVID-19 Extra care trainings in Western and Isabel Province in the last week of April 2022.

Participants of the two trainings at Gizo Hotel. Tourism frontline workers in and around Gizo attended the COVID19 extra care trainings.

According to Rachel Sibisopere, Principle Tourism Training officer of the Tourism. The Minimum Standard Covid Extra care training ensures that tourism operators and staff are well informed on strict covid safe protocols that will enable them to operate in a safe manner.

“The pandemic has changed how the tourism and hospitality sector operates and hope that the new procedures in the training will give staff the confidence they need to start receiving domestic and international visitors”, she said.

“Apart from the previous trainings in Honiara for hotel workers, 199 tourism workers participated the trainings in Munda, Gizo, and West Isabel, “said Sibisopere.

The training covered the major areas which the guests will in contact with during their time at the tourist accommodations, and things they will use in their destinations.

The participants acknowledged the importance of the training and its timing saying that the industry is ready to move forward after international borders closed. The world is slowly opening up and so should we with the health safety skills to serve their guests with confidence.

Similar trainings will be conducted for the tourism operators and workers in other provinces who are hoping to get back in business when the international borders open.

This training prepares Solomon Islands Tourism & Hospitality operators on these new procedures to ensure that businesses can operate in a safe manner.  This training also ensures that staff can do their work confidently and also project to the world that Solomon Islands is ready to receive guests both international and domestic.

The Tourism COVID-19 Extra care training initiative is co-conducted by the Tourism Division, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Health and Medical Services, and the Tourism Solomons. With the generous financial support of the Strongim Bisnis.

MCT Tourism Division Press Statement

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