Work for Your Dreams

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Everyone has their own ‘big dream’. That Star-Gazing dream to become somebody in the future.

Everyone and anyone can dream but the difference is about willingness to work towards that big goal, being able to achieve that goal against all obstacles.

For Danny Denon Wale, his big dream is to become a flight attendant at the Solomon Airlines, serving the Islands and the country as a whole.

Danny is a self-sponsored student under taking Certificate in Travel & Tourism Studies at Solomon Islands National University (SINU) School of Tourism and Hospitality.

Danny Denon Wale. Photo Supplied.

Like many self-sponsored students at the university, finance has not been too good lately due to the current pandemic the world is facing however, Danny has expressed hope as come December, he will be graduating with a certificate in Travel & Tourism under his belt and a step closer to his dream job.

He said he simply loved his Job in the Tourism sector and his family are his greatest motivation behind him taking up the course in Tourism.

The 23 year old recently did his course practical at Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara and he said that he gained a lot of experience from staff of the various departments at the Hotel.

“Team work is very important there. In this job one will meet different people with different backgrounds so smile, hospitality, and professionalism are of great importance in-order to understand those different types of people,” Danny said.

At the Heritage Part Hotel, Danny worked at the banquet and catering at times at conference meetings from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm in the evening. He added that he used to work night shift from 6:30 pm to 2 pm in the morning as a bartender.

“Its fun and interesting, my piece of advice for youths who might want to have a career in the Tourism sector, this is one of the largest industry in the world and you will get to meet people from around the world.

Please learn to be social and learn management and leadership skills – those are important if you want to build a career in this sector.

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