CIP Tourism Operators Encouraged

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Despite a small grant available to assist tourism businesses in Central Islands Province (CIP), operators are encouraged to continue focusing on operations.

CIP Premier Hon Stanley Manetiva assure tourism operators in his province that despite the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and community outbreak, by working together their tourism sector can be further developed.

According to Mr Manetiva, CIP though experiencing limitations in finance, through the ‘fix service grant’ confirms financially assisting tourism developers and operations of the province.

The Premier explains that if the Tourism grant was huge, there would be bigger shares received. However, encourages tourism operators to take the shares as a small means only, and be reminded that the point is to continue focusing on tourism that they will slowly and easily maintain and develop.

“Currently when we talk about tourism in CIP, yes, CIP with the limitation of finance through the fix service grant, we financially assist the tourism developers and operators,” said Manetiva.

“On small means, there are assistances that go to those interested in tourism. I want to assure our tourism operators and individuals who are interested that if the tourism grant was huge, there would be bigger shares received. As we know, this grant is very small, so take it as a small means only.

“The main point is we have the heart that tourism is one of the potential areas in CIP, and the more we focus on tourism, easily we will develop tourism and easily we will be there.”

Tourism operators at Tulaghi from queries confirm receiving ‘small grant assistance’ from their provincial government and administration on which they appreciate the support towards their tourism operations purposely to keep businesses operating.

Meanwhile, the country is looking forward to reopen its international borders sometime in July this year as Solomon Islands tourism sector is currently putting more effort into the preparation of the tourism industry players.

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