Vilu War Museum Reopens

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VILU War Museum in Northwest Guadalcanal has reopened after a long closure due to the COVID-19 situation in the country.

According to the museum’s management, they are imposing a normal visiting fee schedule for visitors at the site.

 In an interview with the owner Sylvester Jill, she decided to resume charging fees since visitors have already started visiting the museum again after the long closure.

She said that she is expecting more visitors in the coming weeks and months.

Jill added that the museum reopening is also in preparation for the reopening of the international borders in July.

“Since our government is planning to reopen borders soon, we will be expecting more of my clients and visitors back and so I have to resume charging fees for all visitors both foreigners and local,” she said.

“All visitors who want to visit the museum will have to pay $100.00 per head and photography and filming cost $1000,” Jill said.

She is sure once borders are reopened, the museum will go back to its normal opening and closing schedules like before the onslaught of the COVID pandemic.

“Since the outbreak of COVID in the country and the closing of the borders, we experience zero visitors both international and local.

“Only a few Music artists who come here to do their filming are the only visitors I have over the past years and they pay before they do their filming.

In the Meantime, Jill encourages local women who want to do part-time at the museum to go forward as she is interested to employ some young women.

“I have also started employing local women who want to do part-time jobs at the museums to do grounds work such as planting flowers, gardening, sweeping, decoration etc…” She said.

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