Tourism Operators complete Minimum Standards, Covid-19 Extra Care Workshop

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Tulaghi Tourism Operators completed one-day training on Wednesday, May 11, on ‘Coronavirus (Covid-19) Extra Care’ as one of the minimum standards for all operators in Solomon Islands.

The training is made possible by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) and Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), sponsored by ‘Strongim Bisnis’.

Central Islands Province (CIP) Tourism Division Assistant Officer Mr Justin Vasuni explained that as the training targets Tourism Operators of CIP, it is aligned with Solomon Islands Government’s plan on reopening its borders in July.

“This training is specifically designed for the reopening of borders. It is to help tourism operators to be ready for controlling and containing the Covid-19 from further affecting our tourism industry,” said Vasuni.

“It is a government initiative that is sponsored by ‘Strongim Bisnis’, the training will greatly support our tourism operators in giving the confidence to serve our foreign visitors.”

Chair of Tulaghi Tourism Operators and also one of Tulaghi Tourism Operators, Mr Richard Sapia expresses appreciation that the ‘extra care training’ has been conducted at Tulaghi for their operators.

“Especially as our borders will be opening in July as planned, the training is useful as it enhances the knowledge and capacity of tourism operators to effectively offer safe and good service for our visiting guests,” said Sapia.

“I remind all operators at Tulaghi that we have a big responsibility to ensure that we are prepared not only for the reopening of borders but also for ongoing services we offer to our domestic customers.

“Also I wish to encourage all our operators to get vaccinated and keep everyone safe.”

The tourism operators at Tulaghi acknowledge MCT, MHMS and Strongim Bisnis for supporting the program.

Solomon Islands’ tourism sector currently is putting more effort into the preparation of the tourism industry players as the country is looking forward to reopening its international borders.

Photo: Participants practising how to wear PPEs. PHOTO BY RICHARD SAPIA

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